Eugene Lukjanenko is in Prison

Wings of the Wind

You read that correctly. Eugene is a loving father trying to do a good job of raising his son and his „reward” is eight months of prison in England. I guess he’s similar to John Bunyan of The Pilgrim’s Progress in that regard.

Both men wound up in English prisons for moral convictions. Mr. Bunyan wouldn’t stop his open air preaching and Mr. Lukjanenko cannot live comfortably after his son was stolen from him by the British S.S. (Social services).

It is an amazing though not uncommon story these days. One of the reasons Eugene’s son was taken from him the second time (yes, there was a first time and his son was returned) is that Eugene’s Father was imprisoned in a concentration camp in WWII.


The reason he is in jail is because Eugene continued to try and make his case via social media and the English judge…

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