One Year After: New Hopes and a New LifeBy Marius & Ruth Bodnariu

November 16, 2015, a very dark page in the journal of our family. One year later, we do not want to linger too much upon this terrifying experience, but lift up our eyes and gird up our garments ready to praise and pray! Let us open our mouth and praise our God who cares, who is all-powerful, who is love and full of mercy, who is just and holy, holy, holy! He turned His face towards us and blessed us. He has listened to the cry of our hearts and of our children’s. He strengthened and carried us. To God be the glory! Moreover, on a day like this, let us open our mouths in prayers for those in need, for those who lost their children to this bloodthirsty machine, conscious and determined to destroy as many families as possible. Let us ask God for wisdom, power and willingness from a hearth full of love and compassion for thousands of children ripped off from their dear ones, so we might know what we have to do to support them, to be a voice for them and to heal their families. I would like to introduce you to the quotes of the Bible, which our dear brother Cristi Tepes used for trying to convince a journalist from the Christian daily Dagen in Norway to brake silence and political correctness and get involved in voicing our case:

Proverbs 31.8,9 Let your mouth be open for those who have no voice, in the cause of those who are ready for death. Let your mouth be open, judging rightly, and give right decisions in the cause of the poor and those in need.”
I share with you two verses I noticed and I took like a motivation since the communist years!
With love in Christ,

We pray this words find their way in our hearts as in a good soil and bring forth fruit worthy for His kingdom.

We would like to use this occasion to thank again those who did put themselves in the spot and have been our voice, interceding both in front of God and to the world. By this, you let the Light (Jesus Christ) shine and bring hope in the darkness of a hopeless age. God bless every heart and every knee, every voice shouting for justice in the cold winter months. The echoes of your voice not only broke the ice of fear who tried to beery us alive, but shook the walls and the mountains of Norway. When by the grace of God our kids started to find of what is being done for them, they started to catch hope and be healed.

We would like to thank God for what He is continuing to do in our family. Where Barnevernet struck with its evil axe to chop the life out of our family tree, God allowed a new bud to bloom and bring life and healing. We are having a new baby to the joy of the older sisters, brothers, parents and everyone who loves life! God bless this baby and our family forth to the glory of His Name and to the encouragement of others who put their trust in Him!
Soli Deo Gloria!

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