President-Elect Donald Trump’s Statement on Christianity will Make All American Christians Celebrate!

I’m a good Christian, and I’m leading with Evangelicals. And I wanna tell you something… Christianity is being chipped away in this country. It’s being chipped away at, and I’m not gonna let this happen. You know, I was with a whole roomful of 50 pastors, ministers – great people. Some of whom I knew pretty well, and some I don’t. And I said to them “let me ask you a question. How many Christians, evangelicals, but mainly just Christians, do we have in this country.”

And they were saying “maybe 250 million, maybe 260 million.” I said “so that’s more than we have women. It’s more than we have men. It’s by far the biggest group. Then why aren’t you banding together and getting the kinds of things you want? When people talk about a temporary ban on Muslims until we find out what is going on there is total outrage. When people talk about Christians and Christianity, there’s no outrage. There’s no Outrage.
I said “let me ask you,” and these are great believers, these are great people, these are strong people, smart people. I said “Why is it,” and I think I really found something that’s very important for all of us. I said “Why is it, that you people don’t have a stronger lobby?”
During Lindon Johnson’s term as president, they passed something where the tax deduction is under siege if these pastors do anything that’s a little bit off, okay. So they’re gonna lose tax exempt status, right? And I said “wait a minute, that’s right, that’s the answer.” I figured, you know I’m a pretty smart guy, I figure things out pretty quickly. So as soon as they mentioned that I said, “that’s it.”

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