Va rugam sa semnati PETITIA pentru pastorul ANDY OLARIU, biserica Ekklesia, Arizona.

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Pastorul Andy Olariu a calatorit in Canada si la intoarcere nu a fost admis inapoi in Statele Unite. Va rugam sa semnati petitia pentru aprobarea intoarcerii pastorului Andy Olariu in SUA unde este pastor la Biserica Ekklesia –

PETITION LETTER: I am petitioning for my pastor at my church. Our church has been without a pastor for five months. By the grace of God our church has been able to stay strong in the Lord and continue to stay strong in faith. Our petition is to bring our pastor and his family back to unite the church back with its pastor. The reason for Pastor Andy’s removal from the United States is completely void of any solid concrete facts or any wrongdoings. Our pastor did not break any laws or did anything wrong. Please help bring our Pastor back.

Emanuel Matache

This petition will be…

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