Colours and flavours

As I ambled along, I enjoyed peeking into the beautiful gardens on either side of the road. Trees and houses were covered with leaves in all kinds of fiery hues. The already vivid colours were accentuated by the autumn mist. I could sense that this October day was shrouded in mystery; A mystery full of colours and flavours that were waiting to be explored.
So far, things had turned out quite different from what I had planned.Since I had taken another train and gone off at a station I had never been at before, I had no idea where I could buy something to eat for the day. But the Lord seemed to have planned every little detail. I found a small shop at the street corner. Sandwiches in every size and with all kinds of layers were spread out on the table in front of me. I picked a sandwich, paid and headed with anticipation to my final destination.
I knocked at the door to my producer 5 minutes earlier than we had appointed. He opened up and gave me a warm welcome. Immediately, I felt at home.The room was full of pianos, keyboards, an organ and numerous other key instruments and equipment. I imagined all the tunes that were capable of filling the small room. I was filled with exitement.
The rewriting process could begin. My producer had listened through my song demos that I had sent him. I wondered what kind of suggestions he would come up with to improve the songs.
We started randomly with one of them. Some major changes were made in the arrangement, throwing out two verses and transforming one of the verses into a bridge. In the next two songs, the grooves were changed. One of the songs became more upbeat, whereas the other was slowed down to become a beautiful ballad.
Time was flying, and so was I. The songs were coming alive and I was soaring into my dreams….


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