Semnează și tu petiția: No Government land donation for mega-mosque in Bucharest at taxpayer expense!


There have been plenty of strange and bizarre ideas coming from different governments over the past twenty years, but the notion that the Romanian Government would donate a €3.9M plot of land, at taxpayer expense, for the construction of what was initially meant to be „Europe’s largest mosque”, must be near the top of that list.

According to news reports, the Romanian Government have given a large, prominent piece of land (11,000 sqm) owned by the state (i.e., the people of Romania) to the Mufti (leader) of Romania’s Muslim community, Mr Murat Yusef.

Apparently, in some kind of „mutual exchange”, starting in 2005, a deal was reached, whereby Turkey would fund the building of a mosque in Romania, and Romania would fund the building of an Orthodox church in Turkey.

In this way, there would have been a quid pro quo, or a „straight swap”, that is, one mosque for one church.

But now, Turkey is not living up to its end of the deal, and they have said that they will not be building the church in Istanbul.

Nevertheless, the Romanian Government have sheepishly given the land over to the Muslim community, so that the Turkish Government can start funding its mega-mosque!

This is wrong – morally and legally!

Turkey is not living up to its end of the bargain, so, therefore, the „mutual exchange” should now be considered null and void. And, the deal should be stopped altogether.

The land belongs to the Romanian taxpayers, and therefore, the Romanian people should have a say in such a large financial and cultural decision.

Many people in Romania, including intellectuals, are opposed to having the Turkish Government sponsor a mega-mosque in the centre of Bucharest, especially at a time in Europe when radical Islam is violently running amok.

Instead, perhaps, such a donation of land could better go towards the protection and defence of Romania’s Orthodox Christian culture and traditions.

Please sign this petition which demands that the Romanian Government rescind its land offer to the Turkish Government, until such time as the Romanian people have been consulted about this significant decision.

Call for public consultation on Government donation of land for mega-mosque at taxpayer expense!
For the Kind Attention of the following Romanian Political Leaders:

Mr Klaus Iohannis – President of Romania
Mr Dacian Cioloș – Prime Minister of Romania
Mr Petre Tobă – Romanian Minister of Internal Affairs
Ms Corina Șuteu – Romanian Minister of Culture
Ms Victoria-Violeta Alexandru – Romanian Minister for Public Consultation and Civic Dialogue
According to recent news reports, Turkey is not now fulfilling their end of the „mutual exchange” begun in 2005, which aimed to build one mosque in Bucharest and one Orthodox church in Istanbul.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, are calling on the Romanian Government to now consider this deal null and void.

And, we also call on the Romanian Government to take back that land, which rightfully belongs to the Romanian people, with immediate effect.

Then, going forward, if such a plan were to be reconsidered, the Romanian public should be consulted about the same, and given the opportunity to voice their opinion about the construction of a mega-mosque in Bucharest.

Perhaps, many Romanian citizens would prefer to protect their native Christian culture and spend money on doing that, rather than contribute to the construction of a mega-mosque.

In any case, fairness has been violated here, and the taxpayer has been cheated. Justice must be restored.

If, as part of this „mutual exchange” Turkey now wants to build a centre for pilgrims in Istanbul (as reported), rather than a church, then the Romanian Government might consider contributing land towards the building of a centre for pilgrims in Bucharest. But, certainly not give the land on which to build a mega-mosque!

And, such a decision should be taken only after a major public consultation!

Thank you for acting quickly to take back the people’s land, and stop this violation of justice.


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