Caspian and Nadia 

Nadia does not know the outcome of today’s trial. Someone has told Nadia that she will not get an answer before the 17th of August.

The court date scheduled for the 25th of August has now apparently been changed to August 24-26.


My thoughts…
Nadia just finished what appears to have been a long day at the hearing that was to decide whether or not she would have custody of Caspian until the trial date on August 25th.
Because she seemed tired after a long day, I did not ask a lot of questions. The only new things I know are written above.
A mainstream “reporter” may have pushed for more information but I am not a mainstream “journalist.” Nadia needs time to process what happened today and to rest.
I did not ask if she will get visitation before the 24th or even the 17th for that matter.
I did not ask so many other questions I could have asked about today’s trial.
For now, the main thing that Nadia has been told is that she will not get an answer before Wednesday, August 17th.
I will share more information as it becomes available.
Until that time, please remember Nadia and Caspian in your prayers.
Chris Reimers
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