“He fall asleep in my arms..”

– Nadia

July 28, 2016
“They have taken everything from me. I hope things work out soon.” – Nadia (July 28, 2016)
It has been a week since the last Update. Nadia had two more visitations this week, on Thursday and Friday. She is now back in Brandal and will make the trip to see her son again next Thursday and Friday in Bergen. Nadia waits until Monday, August 8th to see if the CPS will let her have Caspian until the very important hearing on August 25th.
As mentioned in earlier reports, a decision about Caspian’s custody will be made on August 25th.
Nadia received more visitation reports this week. The first is titled:
“Interaction between mother and Caspian”
Friday, July 22nd, 2016
“Good and calm mood preferentially entire assemblage. Mom had her eyes on the child throughout the assemblage. The child seemed comfortably round toys and mother, and was curious to everything around them. He looked even be tired towards the end of companionship and mother were good to notice this. She took him up in his arms, gave him the pacifier and rocked him while she spoke softly to him.”
Thursday, July 28th, 2016
“Quiet gathering with much interaction between mother and child. My mother was good at and accompany the child and had his eyes constantly. She introduced more toys for your child by being together and spent some of the time without playing, when she spoke to him while she stroked him on the stomach and back, and walked with his arms. The child seemed a little tired by being together. He smiled a lot when the mother tickled him his stomach. He looked at toys and mother, when the Games were moved by the mother and when she sang for him. They had several brief eye contact.”
Nadia’s Mother-in-Law was allowed to see Caspian during the visit on Friday. Caspian’s Grandma has only seen him one other time, at the hospital when he was born. She was allowed to be in the visitation for one hour and had tears in her eyes as she left.
Nadia’s comments after Friday’s visit (7/30/16):
“They took the finest and most precious I had.

I carried him for 9 months in my belly,

I loved him from the first moment I heard his heart ..

Now I’m here again with the best observations ..

Caspian had it good with me and his family who loves him. I hope this works out soon ..”
Nadia also made this comment:
“I haven’t got him baptized even.”
Caspian will be eight months old Monday. His life has been dominated by decisions made by Norway’s Barnevernet.
Since the second day of his life, Caspian and his mother have been under scrutiny (observation) or apart 80% of the time.

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