It has been over 40 days since Baby Caspian was abducted by Norway’s Barnevernet without any apparent legal reason. On that day, Monday, June 13th, Caspian was awakened from his nap and taken away from his loved ones while his mother Nadia was away at an appointment. Several police officers and Barnevernet personal came to the home of Margaret Hennum and took Caspian who had been sleeping soundly under the care Ms. Hennum, a pediatric nurse and Nadia’s friend.
Nadia’s next trial (rettsak) hearing will be on Monday, August 8th. The case will be heard in Alesund, Norway. Apparently, Ms. Hennum and doctor Ingvild Setså will be witnesses at this trial. Alesund is not far from where Margaret Hennum and Nadia live.
Nadia has been allowed to travel to Bergen to visit Caspian. She sees him on Thursdays and Fridays and has not missed a scheduled visitation thus far. From her address at Margaret Hennum’s, it is a 40 minute trip by car to the airport. Nadia then takes an hour long plane trip and a 40 minute bus ride to see Caspian. This has been Nadia’s routine the past three weeks and will continue for at least two more weeks. The travel expenses and the housing costs have been paid for by the Barnevernet.
Nadia and Caspian’s visitations are monitored by people from the Church City Mission. These monitors are contracted by the Barnevernet to make evaluations of visitations. There is apparently no security at these visitations as no police have been present for the first six visitations.
Here are the evaluations that Nadia received for her first four visits with Caspian:
Thursday, July 7, 2016
Nice interaction between mother and child with calm mood. They were close together and the mother was engaged with the boy all the time. She spoke with quiet tone. Mother seems in good spirits. The child seemed to be active , engaged with everything around them and smiled a lot.
Friday, July 8, 2016
A quiet and nice gathering. Mother plays with the baby and talked to him in a gentle tone . She follows Caspian and his initiative . Mother appeals to Caspian several times and says we’ve enjoyed today.
Thursday, July 14, 2016
Nice interaction between mother and child with calm mood. They were close together and the mother was engaged with the boy all the time. Mother seems in good spirits . The child seems a little tired from the early moments, but was active and involved with everything around it.
Friday, July 15, 2016
Mother has powered Caspian throughout assemblage. Has only eyes for him . Mother speaks with calm and gentle voice. Showing good face. Assemblage is much influenced by activity. After a supervisor ‘s assessment, an assemblage that something hectic as it is the mother who takes the initiative and constantly introduce new toys. Supervisor experience that Caspian seems tired after one hour visitation . Caspian showed signs of penetrating break on occasion without this being accommodated by mother.
Nadia waits until Monday the 8th of August to find out if she will have custody of Caspian until thursday, August 25th.

The hearing on August 25th will be in Bergen at the County Council for Child Welfare and Social Affairs (Fylkesnemnda).

The court hearing on Monday the 25th will determine who has custody of Caspian.
My thoughts…
How the case ever began is still a mystery to me. I see no reason why, with the abundance of evidence on Nadia’s side, Caspian should have been taken in the first place.
This case has all of the appearances of an upcoming reunification between Nadia and Caspian.
Nadia has done everything that has been asked of her. In spite of a very emotional situation, she has remained steady throughout her visitations. Her visitations with Caspian appear to be going very well. I am not certain what some of the terminology in the fourth evaluation means but I will try and clear that up and make corrections as I learn more.
A mother has been deprived of most of 40 very important days in a child’s development. A government supported childcare organization is responsible for what would be called a kidnapping had it been done by „criminals.” This is not the first time the Barnevernet of Norway has done something this unjust. Situations like this are increasing rather than decreasing in Norway.
In Nadia’s case, a mother who loves her child very much and has done nothing to deserve having her child taken from her has found out about visitations with little notice and then has to wait for what seems like ages for important court hearings. One hearing is about whether or not she gets to have custody of her baby boy until the next hearing. Then the next hearing IS ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT SHE WILL GET CUSTODY, PERIOD.

It is a cruel system of „child welfare.”


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