Caspian and NadiaJune 2016
It is almost a week since an update appeared here. There are a few events worth noting that have happened since then.
Nadia was allowed to see Caspian last Thursday and Friday.
According to an accurate source, Nadia thought that the visitations went very well. Caspian remembered Nadia on the first visit. Nadia was concerned before the visit that Caspian might not remember her very well.
Nadia has also been given visitations for every Thursday and Friday until her next court hearing.
A new date has been added to Nadia’s court schedule.
Nadia’s lawyer has sent her a text message. Apparently, a court hearing at an undisclosed location will be held on the 8th of August. This hearing will determine whether or not Caspian will be allowed to go home with Nadia until the permanent care order case is heard on August 25th.

The August 25th hearing will be heard in Bergen.
My thoughts:
Tomorrow, it will be a month since Caspian was kidnapped from his mother by the organization that is responsible for the proper care of abused children in Norway.
There has been no abuse of this child in this case. This is why the term „kidnapping” fits the situation in its current condition.
I have looked up the word „kidnap” in the dictionary. Here is a general definition that is seems to summarize definitions of the word that I have read from dictionaries, Federal law, and International law.
„In criminal law, kidnapping is the unlawful taking away or transportation of a person against that person’s will, usually to hold the person unlawfully. This may be done for ransom or in furtherance of another crime, or in connection with a child custody dispute.”
In this case, Caspian’s legal guardian, Nadia, did not wish for her child to be taken. As there is no valid reason yet given for Caspian to be taken away from his mother, Caspian has been kidnapped.
Caspian has not yet been „stolen” from his mother as this would have to be the new term used if Nadia’s child is taken away permanently.

If Nadia has done anything wrong, maybe a reprimand of some type or counseling sessions might be necessary.
In a democracy, one is innocent until proven guilty. If this case had any merit, the penalty would be far less in any civilized society.
So…Nadia waits until Thursday to see Caspian. She will then have to wait until August 8th to find out if Caspian can stay with her until the important court hearing on August 28th. It seems that the August 28th hearing will determine Caspian’s future.
Please pray for Nadia and Caspian.
Chris Reimers

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