Norway, Close the Bodnariu Case!

The Norwegian newspaper Firda reports today that the criminal investigation against the Bodnariu parents has concluded and the results have been forwarded to the Norwegian equivalent of the district attorney’s office. The article states that results of the investigation have not been made public, but the parents can still be prosecuted in criminal court if the district attorney wishes to do so, despite the fact that the children have been returned.
A reasonable person may ask, how is this possible? The children have already been returned!
Well, in Norway the social and criminal systems have separate independent procedures and investigations. The social side of the case is where the children were returned, but the “criminal” investigation has pushed forward apparently. We are hoping for a quick resolution in the absence of physical evidence of abuse. There was never any abuse in this family.
It so happens that the entire month of July is a court holiday in Norway. Only emergency cases are heard, so a decision in this case will not be expected soon.
On the other hand, Barnevernet should be investigated! Their interrogation of the Bodnariu children should be reviewed for the use of leading questions, and their coercion of the Bodnariu parents to sign false statements against each other should be made public.
After all the abuse this family has suffered at the hands of the Norwegian CPS, Norway better not lay a finger on them again!
Delight in Truth is calling on Norwegian authorities to stop harassing this family. Close the case, move on, and reform Barnevernet.

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Un răspuns la Norway, Close the Bodnariu Case!

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