I have been getting reports out of Norway on Baby Caspian’s ordeal. There are short videos of the abduction being posted on the internet and I will, eventually, share these with the readers of this blog. It is hard to hear women cry because a loved one is being taken for no good reason!
Dagbladet, a large Norwegian news organization, published a report on this story yesterday. Here is only a small part of the article:
“The local barnevernet in Vestlandet, which took the child on Monday, made an emergency decision on the boy now placed in an emergency home ‘at a secret location’. Barnevernet considered that ‘the danger for running away is huge’ and that it is a danger of child kidnapping. They refer to knowing this paediatric nurse, which kept the mother and her child in hiding, through social media has encouraged others in similar situations as this mother, to go into hiding or get out of the country, and that the network on Facebook calls the CPS taking of children ‘kidnapping’.”
One would think that such a publication would be welcomed by someone like me. After reading the article, however, it is very biased in the wrong direction. Look at the above paragraph for example. It seems to imply that there is a danger that the child may be kidnapped by his own mother. Actually, this and many other parts of the report sound like pro-Barnevernet propaganda. If a professional pediatric nurse, or anyone else for that matter, was trying to assist a mother to have a better life by moving her to a new setting, I don’t know how it is called “kidnapping.” Who “owns” the child? I say that God owns the child and that the child was given to its biological mother for a reason. A state should never “own a child” as appears to be the case in so many situations in Norway. Children are treated by Norway’s CPS, as George Bailey would say to Mr. Potter, “like cattle.”
Today is Friday. Six and 1/2 month old Caspian has now been moved to a secret address for the second time since Monday. This is the third time that Caspian has been taken from his mother during his short life, the first when he was three weeks old. Then, he was returned to his mother after two weeks.
Yesterday, the Volda Barnevernet transported him to yet more strangers in Bergen. Bergen, Norway, is a 7-8 hour trip by bus and much farther away from the mother’s support system. Why would a “Child Protection” agency of any government act so strangely? It makes absolutely no sense at all. Even if the mother had done something wrong, which seems unlikely in this case, why move the child so away from visitations?
Whoever runs the Volda Barnevernet is responsible for having removed the baby boy from the Hennum’s, where he lived with his mother. They were doing very well where they were according to Margaret Hennum who is a pediatric nurse by trade. If you have been following this situation, it was Margaret who helped Nadia to get back on her feet after leaving a Mother’s Home.
I have been informed that better media reports are forthcoming and I’m glad to hear it. The head of the Barnevernet in Volda has broken her promise to contact Nadia about where she would meet her with Caspian.
Nadia called the Volda Barnevernet and was told that she could not speak directly to the Barnevernet. Nadia received a message from the BV secretary saying: “contact your lawyer!” As I understand it, Nadia insisted that someone speak to her and finally the head came to the phone with the information already shared here: the case has been transported to the Bergen Barnevernet. The head of the BV in Volda forgot to mention one important detail: The baby was transported as well!!!
The BV head in Volda was clear: Any further communication between the two of them (Nadia and the BV) is absolutely out of the question.
Margaret Hennum has stated: “If the child is returned to its mother, there is no reason to think the boy would be directly harmed.”
It seems the Barnevernet is now blaming Margaret for helping a young mother to readjust to life after living in a Mother’s home. Many are led to believe that these Mother’s Homes are a good thing. If you have READ THIS POST FROM THIS BLOG you know of Nadia’s experience in the Mothers’ Homes.
What if Ms. Hennum has “stated very strong criticism against Barnevernet in social media?” as she is accused? Does that justify BV personnel and 5 police officers to take Nadia’s napping child from a safe crib?
Isn’t Norway a democracy? Where is Margaret Hennum’s right to free speech? It is required in a democracy. Maybe Norway is a democracy in name alone.
If you have read Let the Whole World Hear: The Kidnapping of an Infant in Norway or NORWAY’S CPS KIDNAPS CHILD…TODAY!!!!!, you can understand how many are thinking of this situation.
I am not an expert in Norwegian law. My understanding, however, is that the removal of a child according to an “emergency decision” can be carried out only when a child is in acute danger. The child in the picture above was not in acute danger.
“Even the police responsible for the removal, stated several times that we were good caregivers,” said Margaret Hennum.
A friend of mine has come to the same conclusion that I have:
“The only reasonable conclusion must then be that babies in Norway will be deprived of their mothers if they are in the same house as a person critical to the SYSTEM!”
I have to repeat my question again: “Isn’t Norway a democracy?”
This is as much as I know at the moment. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I plan to keep WOW readers updated on any new (or old and important) information as this story unfolds.
This blog has gone from being a one of a journalistic nature, to one with Evangelistic purpose. Now, I hope I can maintain both.

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