Steven Bennett – SECRETS and LIES – Inside Barnevernet, Norway’s CPS

Steven Bennett – SECRETS and LIES – Inside Barnevernet, Norway’s CPS
I read parts of Mr. Bennett’s comments listed here the other day. Since everything that I have learned about Norway fits these statistics, I am reposting this because I think what is written here is, unfortunately, true. I appreciate Mr. Bennett’s work on behalf of all of those who are suffering in “the most livable country on earth.” As I have learned more about the Norwegian CPS, I have begun to think that social workers have a quota, kind of like a salesman would have in a high pressure sales job. There are too many cases in all shapes and sizes, belief in God or atheism, and selection of folks in the weakest positions to defend themselves that has helped me come to this conclusion. A “slip of the tongue” by a CPS worker also led me to think this. Right or wrong on this opinion, Norway’s CPS is broken and needs fixing. Thank you rodi for posting this important statement.

Secrets and Lies,Inside Barnevernet (Norway’s CPS) Photo Steven Bennett
A MUST READ ARTICLE, especially by everyone in NORWAY!
Steven Bennett:
A number of people in the Norwegian Government are a little concerned that Norway’s CPS, barnevernet is losing trust with its population. They are worried because they recognise that dealing with parents and children requires trust in the first place.
Hopefully, this post can help the Norwegian government understand why no one trusts barnevernet. In fact, many families live in fear with just the mention of the name barnevernet, especially those with young children or those who are still fighting to get their children back.
This is not an exclusive list, but it might be a good start with helping in the many up and coming debates regarding barnevernet that are planned in Norway. If Norway’s CPS wants trust, it needs to deal with these issues and change its ways radically first.

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