International Pressure Against Barnevernet is Working

International Pressure Against Barnevernet is Working

There is a glimpse of good news today in the Bodnariu case. The parents communicated by phone with the older girls for the first time since the ordeal began nearly 2 months ago. The girls said they miss their family, and they miss their home.
Delight in Truth still does not understand the schizophrenic approach by Barnevernet in this case.
The Norwegian CPS is painting the Bodnariu parents as Christian fundamentalist monsters who abuse their children and as a result confiscated them.
If the parents really are like that, why does Barnevernet allow both parents to see the infant on a weekly basis? Why is the mother allowed to see the boys? Why the phone conversation with the older girls today?
Because these loving parents never abused their kids!
And because of mounting international pressure, that’s why!
World-wide protests have just began and the Norwegian officials are feeling the pressure. Their propaganda is in full swing as well… Their state-funded Christian publications have come to the state’s defense in articles like this one (here). I guess you can’t bite the hand that feeds you even if means covering up human rights violations.
The Pentecostal leader in Norway Sigmund Kristoffersen (pictured above from said here “we will not express an opinion on, or take a position on the matter in question” regarding the Bodnariu family who are Pentecostal Christians. Why? Because he is a slave to the State, just like the other “Christian” newspapers defending their master.
The overwhelming majority of people living behind the Iron Curtain during communism knew that the system was evil, but they did not have the courage to stand up to it as a unified mass until 1989 when the Revolution it down. After communicating with Norwegian activists and victims of Barnevernet it is evident that momentum is building in Norway against the system that confiscates children on a whim.
We might see a revolution against Barnevernet in Norway. The international community expects it.
Delight in Truth expects to see common sense Norwegians coming together and revolting against the CPS. We are getting closer to a critical point in this movement when the system must capitulate and return not only the five Bodnariu children, but many others whom they confiscated unfairly.


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